About Chennai Detective Services :

Chennai Detectives Services is an ISO certified Private Investigation Agency with almost 25 years of experience in Private Investigation. We are rated the best detectives not only India, but also in different countries across the world. Our group of experienced investigators, Spy Agents, Detective Agents carry out investigation using various methods like Surveillance, Video/Audio Recordings, Tracing and Shadowing based on the requirement of the client.

We offer various services like Pre and Post Matrimonial Verifications for to be bride/grooms where the character/behavior of the person, the background check of both the families, employment and salary status and other information. Pre and post employment checks include Employee Background Check and previous company status. Extra Marital and Love Affairs to keep an eye on spouse if he/she is involved in cheating. Other services like missing person tracing, carrying out surveillance through Shadowing, observing the target's daily activities to collect proofs using video/audio clippings, helping clients with Divorce and Alimony Cases, certificates and Court Cases.>

Why Choose Chennai Detective Services :

Our team has an approach to NRI's residing outside India who are in need of Private Detectives. We are Professional Detectives spread across various countries so that we can reach people from every corner. Our experienced and professional team members carry out the investigation required without giving any hint to the person on surveillance, also collecting valid evidences.

Chennai Detective Services is one of the Leading Private Detective Agency in India. Any service like Pre and Post Matrimonial Verifications, Pre and Post Employment Checks, Divorce or Alimony Cases, Adult Cases, Love and Extra Marital Affairs, Certificates Checking, Tracing Missing People, Performing Undercover Operations are possible with our Private Detective Agency. Apart from these services, we have products like Spy System Software for Computers, Spy Mobile Application for Mobiles, Debuggers, Trackers and many more. We ensure the client is completely satisfied with our work and result is completely genuine. Not just in India but we offer services at International level also.

Private detectives of Chennai supplies different range of products such as Spy System Software for Computers and Laptops, Debugging and Tracking Devices to identify bugs or track the target person's activities, Spy Mobile Applications to Install in Mobiles to save Children from Accessing various adult Sites and virus affected pages and Spy Cameras to record various actions so that it is easy for the Client to keep a record of their Target without any Difficulty.