About Us :

Bangalore Detective Services is a complete service Private Detective Agency in Bangalore offering Private Investigation Services to Individuals, Companies and Businesses with different spying and observation activities. Our Spy Detective Agency in Bangalore offer enquiry for Pre/Post Matrimonial Verifications, Employee Confirmation, Bank Frauds, Competitor’s Enquiry, Illegal Cases, Forensic Investigation and so on. Our Private Investigators in Bangalore keep the complete details of investigation and name of the clients strictly confidential and careful in any situation.

Our Private Investigation Agencies in Bangalore provide correct information that helps our clients to create successful solution. With more risk and responsibilities which arrive in different aspect of business and personal life, it becomes compulsory to obtain all possible protection measures to avoid future problems.

After recognizing the nature of the problem, our Private Investigators in Bangalore carry out fact based investigation in the given time schedule to supply important feedback and information to the clients. Our team of Investigators includes well proficient professionals having vast knowledge in dealing with Spy Investigation procedure.

Bangalore Detective Services has years of experience as an Investigator with some of the world’s most popular Investigating Organizations. Our company has a group of investigators with officially permitted and law enforcement background and advance scientific resources.

Why Bangalore Detective Services ?

We have a hard-working of trained professionals, chosen and screened researchers who are prepared with all latest high tech investigation equipment and have undergone the widespread training to carry out with sincerity. We have trained our team with numerous tools in order to produce the best results in the shortest achievable time.

Customized Service Offering :

We present a wide range of complete services that are modified in agreement to our client’s requirement. The services of Bangalore Detective Services includes Matrimonial Detectives in Bangalore, Pre or Post Matrimonial Detectives in Bangalore, Missing Person Tracing in Bangalore, Spy Software’s in Bangalore, Spy Mobile Software’s in Bangalore, Private Investigators in Bangalore, Pre/post Matrimonial Verification in Bangalore, Theft Investigation in Bangalore, Love/Extra Marital Affairs Detectives in Bangalore, Property Asset Verification’s in Bangalore, Investigation Agencies in Bangalore and Private Investigation Agencies in Bangalore.

Our Spy Detective Agency Team consists of investigators who have come from a variety of backgrounds that is Intelligence, Government, Law Enforcement, Information Technology and the Equipped Forces. We have constructed a name of being capable to recognize a client’s needs and then give remarkable solutions remaining in mind about their financial and time border constraints.

Bangalore Private Detective Services is your solution because we have many years of experience within the Private Investigation and Detective Services in India. The Investigators of our Company are Government Licensed and capability certified. Please do not feel uneasy about contacting us, we are here to supply and help you through your investigation necessities.

Bangalore Spy Detective Services was established in the year 2008 and providing desired quality services to the clients which are working hard to develop as ‘Best Detective Service Agency’ in the Detective field. Our company has connection with Government and Non Government officials related to this field. Our company also provides its services to the clients with Hyderabad Detective Services which is the other branch of Bangalore Detective Services Company.

The cost depends on the excellence and capacity of manpower, technology and equipment to supply and the time taken for the task are needed. The charge for the task depends on the manpower and place of work and will change from case to case. If the Spy Investigation has to be carrying out in local place, the price for the case is different other than the out of state. The charge for the case also depends on the details given by the clients. If the client gives full details about the case, we will decrease the cost and we will provide the desired details for the client. If the client does not contain the details, we will provide and make investigation about the case, then the cost of that case will be high because it takes lot of time and needs more effort from our investigators.