Divorce/Alimony Cases :

The cases for Divorce and Alimony cases are stressful positions. Our Bangalore Detective Services will estimate the client case and recommend the best plan of action attain successful results. All the information gained by us is maintained in strict confidence. The investigations by our detectives are legally carried out. We will provide the progress of investigation and the investigation will be in the control of the amount of money used. The information gathered can be used by legal representative to improve the case of the client.

When the client struggles in the court of law, the client may require considerable information, relevant proof and necessary witness for criminal. Our Bangalore Detective Services will provide photo and video proofs and audio evidence wherever possible. All you require is to provide evidence to your assertions are true before courts of law.

Alimony Cases:

Our Bangalore Detective Services handles the alimony cases and consider thoroughly about the case and offers the client the following things:

i) We will provide character report of your spouse and we will undertake character check through our depth review of your spouse character and actions both from professional and at personal point of view.

ii) We will provide you the associated evidences and proofs.

iii) We will help you to recognize whether the alimony case/ assert is genuine or not.